Solving complex problems. There lies FIT’s real challenge. Development reaches so much further than just construction. It also comprehends accessibility, connection and mobility. It’s about creating new concepts of sustainability. In real estate development we have to look into the future. What kind of new user functions and wishes can we expect and how will they evolve? Who are our future clients and users? We see a growing need for new housing concepts for the elderly, as well as affordable and flexible housing solutions for starters. On top of this, a truly revolutionary view on housing should include work and leisure. What about a subscription-based arrangement on a home and a teleworking location? How can we offer residents shared facilities, like a gym, a swimming pool or other options? What would be the best location for a lift or parking spaces? And how can we effectively integrate new energy concepts and digital applications? All these new influences we consider when starting a new real estate development. Never losing sustainability out of sight. Using the right materials and taking full advantage of innovations, is crucial to the development of timeless and sustainable real estate.

Moreover, the successful merging of functions goes beyond real estate itself. FIT takes a strong interest in the surrounding area and society. We invest in communities and work together with local parties, because development should not only comprehend the building but effects the complete environment. After all, mobility and energy solutions do not stop at people’s front door.

Unites user whishes