Smaller, in many cases private investors often have limited options when it comes to investing ( < 3 million) directly in real estate – especially within a professional development context. In FIT Real Estate, however is a partner that feels completely at home in this segment!

We combined our knowledge with extensive working experience in projects ( > 40 million) with a high property value to develop projects with a real estate value to circa 10 million. This allows us to fill the gap that exists in emerging investment markets. We are an interesting party for private investors to work with because, our approach is conceptual and practical. In technical, social and economic terms, we offer a wide and divers range of services. Thereby is our innovative product development and concept development program an important catalyser and offers attractive investment proposals for private investors. Obviously this unique innovative approach strengthens both the end product and the value of your assets.

It is important to us that private and corporate investors are closely involved in our development plans from the start. That is why – similar to our selection of contractors - we exclusively work together with investors who share our objectives and whose interests align with our own. We set great store by transparency in both our collaborations and business model.

Would you like to offer a location or property?

Private and corporate investors who wish to propose a location and/or property to us for sale, joint development or financing are welcome to upload their offer here.

Would you like to invest or collaborate in a location or real estate project?

Private and corporate investors can check our current investment, financing and collaboration opportunities here.

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