Shared value

Various challenges in today’s society can be addressed with solutions in the area of real estate. Innovative cluster-based collaborations can serve as an important instrument for finding the right answers. We work together with our partners and clients to create new economic and social values. We constantly take into account the costs and the profits in the longer term. In this process, we ask ourselves: How do we handle raw material and resources, energy, welfare, circularity, etc.? How do we translate these considerations into property development decisions? Together we collect and analyse data to further develop our products and the continuous improve our real estate concepts. Ultimately, this allows us to create a better and healthier social environment for the end users. For example, we are aware that 65% of environment-related health complaints reported to the municipal health services relates to building interiors, that only 9% of the buildings worldwide are circular, that our planet’s natural resources are already outstripped by demand and that by 2030, the Netherlands has to reduce its carbon emissions by 55%. Parallel to these issues, the construction and real estate industry is going through a digital revolution. For this reason, data and shared value are crucial to our operation. Besides paying close attention to both social and economic factors in our building activities, innovation and sustainability are of major importance in the design or redevelopment from real estate.

At FIT Real Estate, this is another important challenge that we take on. Realizing buildings that generate power rather than consuming it. Installing solar panels that can supply a complete district rather than just an individual home. Geothermal heat pumps. A neighbourhood wind turbine… At FIT Real Estate, we believe in ‘giving back to society’.

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