Nowadays, economics is recognized as an important aspect of real estate development. FIT Real Estate looks at all the various steps from the perspective of its private and corporate investors, focused on cost engineering, cost management, finance and asset management. We carefully steer every phase of the development process – in economic and social terms – with respect to costs and revenues. During development, realization and exploitation, we consistently explore our options and ensure we use the right assets for the right situation. Our focus is macro-economic. We zoom in on every social and financial aspect of the property. From the local economic climate to demographic trends and government policies. All aspects are considered in every step of the development process.

Asset management evolves around creating links and interconnections between the strategy (ROI) and the operational use of the property (residential, offices, leisure, commercial) at hand. Should you continue to exploit the property yourself, sell it or lease it? Which information should you analyze before taking decisions? FIT Real Estate can establish the status quo, value it’s condition and align it with your vision and chosen strategy. We pay close attention to the market, the technical current condition of the property, sustainability and shared value. We use decision-making models to validate our proposals. Our objective is to achieve optimal returns – both in economic and social terms. In collaboration with our partners, clients and private and corporate investors we determine the main goals. With the management of our real estate projects we achieve those goals with the best possible results.

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